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Making Every Dime Count

For financial companies a millisecond of network delay may be the difference between winning or losing a transaction. For high-frequency traders it can mean a loss of millions at a time.

Low-latency, reliability, security, and scalability are inseparable ingredients when deploying hosting infrastructure for financial environments. 3W Infra offers dedicated servers that are deploy able on-demand and fully customizable according to customer-specific requirements.

Hosting infrastructure for 3W Infra’s finance customers are housed in an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based data center meeting enterprise-grade, Tier 4(!!) specifications. This ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant data center has ample floor space available to scale your evolving hosting infrastructure when needed.

Your hosting solutions will be backed by 3W Infra’s fully redundant global network with a 100% uptime track record delivering 250Gbps bandwidth capacity (double the average amount in use). Its reliability is guaranteed by our transit-only strategy, providing premium and rapid network paths to and from all financial hubs and end-users across the world.

To sum up…"Financing Program" infrastructure requires:

  • Dedicated servers with powerful and predictable performance
  • Enterprise-grade security measures to meet data privacy challenges
  • A global, low-latency network to move data to and from financial hubs and end-users
  • Reliability in server and network hardware, as well as global network design
  • High scalability options in your hardware and network
Our Services Features

100% Core Network Uptime

Tier 1 Transit Providers

ISO 27001 Certified

24/7 Support

Fast Custom Delivery

High Scalability


PCI DSS Compliant