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Control Your ROI, Increase Your Profitability

Your IT infrastructure is one of the most valuable business assets you may have. When it comes to housing your applications, data and systems - some or all maybe even mission-critical - you might expect the same considerate attitude from your hosting partner.

So yes, we can surely be that partner that can meet your demands when it comes to security, reliability, flexibility and scalability. But what when it comes to your financial security, your investments, your profit and your ROI?

Where most hosting companies focus on their own short term ROI, should you not sign up with a provider that can act as a true hosting partner? A pure-play Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider?

We pride ourselves with the fact that 3W Infra can basically offer all the customer-specific hardware out there as Lease-to-Own. Whether these are for instance servers, network equipment, power equipment, firewalls and load balancers. 3W Infra provides IT infrastructures designed to meet your requirements. Setup servers with on-demand deployment, the best performance, scalability and flexibility at a cost-efficient price. We offer colocation and remote hands. Fully customizable servers, and other hardware (lease, purchase or lease-to-own) to build that infrastructure.

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