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3W Infra invoices explained Every invoice you receive is based on prepaid. The invoice will include the following... Are my services automatically renewed? Yes, they are. All contracts are renewed automatically for the same period as the initial... Can I make an advance payment? Sure you can. If you decide to pay in advance, your payment will be credited to your account and... Can I pay directly using my credit card? We accept Visa and MasterCard, but surely you can still use PayPal to pay with your credit card.... Can I receive my invoice by regular post? 3W Infra sends invoices and reminders by email. Next to saving time, it also contributes to a... How can I cancel my services with you? The actual notice period depends on the Initial Contract Term. Please take into account the... How can I dispute my invoice? If you don’t agree with your invoice or part of the invoice, you can have this disputed. Meaning... My invoice is higher than the monthly price stated on your website? Basically, all 3W Infra customers will find a higher total amount on their first month's invoice... VAT explained Value Added Tax (VAT) is a form of consumption tax. 3W Infra is charging 21% VAT to all... What are 3W Infra’s bank account details? 3W Infra B.V.IBAN: NL12ABNA0554195585SWIFT: ABNANL2ABank name: ABN AMRO BankBank place:... What are the payment timelines? 3W Infra creates and sends your next month’s invoice 14 days before the start of a new month. The... What payment methods to you accept? We accept payments through bank transfer, iDEAL, PayPal (including PayPal Direct Debit), Visa,...
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