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3W Infra’s colocation services explained It’s quite simple actually, any of your equipment that is rack mountable into a 19” cabinet can... Can I access your data centers? You have 24/7 access to our data centers. You will have to be accompanied by an  engineer every... Can I buy my hardware through you? Sure you can. You can buy your equipment through 3W Infra. Whether these are for example servers,... Can you get me connected with a local hardware vendor? Sure we can. 3W Infra has strong cooperation many local hardware vendors personally. Vendors... Do you offer remote hands? Yes, we sure do. By default, remote hands with all 3W Infra’s Colocation Services is available... How can I get additional bandwidth for my server? The most efficient way to purchase additional bandwidth for your server is to open a sales... Is there a money-back guarantee? 3W Infra does not offer a money-back guarantee. May I resell your Colocation Services? Yes, you can! Reselling 3W Infra’s services is surely permitted. Do note that in this situation... May I resell your services? Yes, you can! Reselling 3W Infra’s services is permitted. Do note that in this situation where... What are the available bandwidth types to choose from? 3W Infra offers 3 different types of bandwidth billing. The specific amount of dedicated... What are the locations (data centers) to choose from? Located at the Internet junction in Amsterdam South East, 3W Infra is housed at Equinix AM11... What do you charge for remote hands? Our Remote Hands service is provided on an hourly support rate basis: During business hours:... What is the delivery time? Depending on your requirements and availability, our services can be deployed in as little as a... What is your policy on IP addresses? Due to the limited number of available IPv4 addresses, the maximum amount of IP addresses which... What kind of colocation solutions do you offer? 3W Infra provides cost-effective rack units for a small number of servers and private racks (47U)...
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