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Playing Minecraft, World of Warcraft or League of Legends online or on a mobile device can be an awesome experience, but only when the underlying hosting infrastructure meets the gamers’ expectations.

High-performance, availability, low-latency and high scalability options are inseparable ingredients when deploying hosting infrastructure for online gaming. 3W Infra offers dedicated servers that are fully customizable according to customer-specific gaming requirements. As to scalability needs, our engineers are very experienced in high-volume dedicated server deployments.

Your online gaming solutions will be backed by 3W Infra’s fully redundant and low-latency global network with a 100% up-time track record delivering 250Gbps bandwidth capacity (double the average amount in use).

Whether you are developing a brand new game or simply planning to add more resources to increase performance for your players, we have fully customizable dedicated servers that’ll meet your highest demands when it comes to gaming development, testing and production. When a game takes off because of its popularity,with 3W Infra you will be able to scale up easily and add dedicated servers rapidly.

We don’t ask you to sign a long-term contract, as we totally understand what online gaming is about. Planning your hosting infrastructure can be difficult sometimes. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. It’s a dynamic business, online gaming, that’s right. But obviously, we’re quite flexible.

To sum up…online gaming hosting infrastructure requires:

  • Flexible, highly scalable and powerful dedicated server solutions
  • Enterprise-grade security measures to meet player privacy challenges
  • A global, low-latency network to provide an excellent online gaming experience
  • High scalability options in your hardware and network
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