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Size Does Matter

Nowadays businesses generate unpredicted amounts of data thus traffic. Big data solutions demand scalable, powerful and cost-efficient infrastructures. Build your Big data solution on a cloud platform, but actually only the raw power of Dedicated Servers will do the trick.

Virtualization is great, believe us, but for I/O or CPU intensive operations such as data analytics, only dedicated hardware delivers the raw power you need.

Our top tier data center in the Netherlands is ISO certified and PCI DSS compliant. Designed to the highest specifications for efficiency, reliability and security.

Our fully redundant network delivers a 160Gbps bandwidth capacity and a core uptime of 100%. With our state-of-the-art data center and global network you will be able to get your data faster to and from end-users.

The predictable performance of dedicated hardware enables you to plan ahead in order to scale as your operations grow.

- Dedicated Hardware

- Secure

- Low Latency

- High Scalability

Our Services Features

Fully Redundant Network Hardware

Tier 1 Transit Providers

160Gbps Network Capacity

Intelligent Routing Optimization

Native IPv6 Network Design

High Scalability